9 Favorites: Floor-to-Ceiling Sheer Halloween Curtains

9 Favorites: Floor-to-Ceiling Sheer Halloween Curtains

sheer curtains

Using sheers in your window decor allows you a lot of versatility. Sheers alone can add a classic romantic look. They can be combined with regular curtains to give a variety of layered looks. Sheers combined with shades provide a bit of added privacy and add flare to your window dressing.

Sheer curtains can be made to look like scarfs and draped over the top of the curtain rod. They can be used as a valance. Overall, sheers can dress your window up a degree and give class to your decor. Sheers can be a backdrop to your room's decor or be used to make your windows stand out. They can make a statement on their own.

There is an unlimited number of ways you can combine sheers with other window elements. Doing so gives elegance, sophistication, and class to your room. Sheers add style to an otherwise plain curtain or shade.

Instead of replacing your curtains, add sheers for a dramatic pop. TWOPAGES sheers come in a variety of colors and textures. This makes them highly versatile, allowing you to build the look you want.

Use sheers to decorate your next party or event. TWOPAGES sheers can be custom-made to fit any venue you need. Combining black and orange sheers makes a great Halloween look. There are a number of ways you can combine sheers for any event.

1. Using Colored Sheers to Make your Room Pop

Colored Sheers

Traditional sheers come in white and dress up any room. Consider adding colored sheers to make your room and windows stand out.

Twopage curtains Red Tulle semi Sheer Drapes. - This extra-size curtain panel is 150" Wide by 84" long.

They are made of lightweight and durable strength material. This material is 70% polyester and 30% nylon. This smooth, soft tulle drapes effortlessly and adds a romantic feeling to any room. This material is eco-friendly, comfortable, and breathable. These curtains are easy to care for, being machine washable and low tumble dry. 

Covering a 64" window, add 16" for the rod installed. If you want a fuller look, add an extra 25% [64" + 16" = 80" x 1.25 = 100"]. Or you can make it even fuller with more folds. To measure the length, measure from the top of the rod to where you want your curtains to end.

To increase the drama of your room, add several inches to the length. Allow the curtains to puddle on the floor.

A single layer of sheets gives a simple, sophisticated look to your windows. It brings a light, airy feel to your room.

2. Two-Tone Sheers Add Variety

Two-Tone Sheers

TWOPAGES Wide Indoor Outdoor Ombre Sheers. - 120" wide tulle panels have white at the top and then gradually blend into a moss green tone toward the bottom. Made of 70% polyester, 30% nylon material, they have a smooth, soft look. They are breathable, eco-friendly yet durable. They drape well and provide a romantic feeling. 

If you want a fuller look, add an extra 25% [64" + 16" = 80" x 1.25 = 100"]. Or you can make it even fuller with more folds. To measure the length, measure from the top of the rod to where you want your curtains to end.

These are perfect outdoor curtains for: patios, porches, cabanas. They work great for gazebos, pergolas, or beach homes. These durable curtains are easy to care for, being machine washable, dry on low.

3. Use Traditional Sheers for a Tailored Look

TWOPAGES White Sheer Curtain Voile - These sheers can be custom made to any length up to 144". These extra size curtains have panels that are 120" wide. Choose from Pinch Pleated, Grommet Top, Tab Top, or Rod Pocket headers. 

These 100% polyester sheers allow natural light to flow into your room yet give you privacy. You do not have to worry about being visible from the outside. They keep your space bright and cheerful.

Sheers give your windows a fresh, elegant look. Your windows have a soft natural look when you add sheers. Choose from white, pure white, off-white, or beige.

4. Sheer on Top, Solid Panel Below

Solid Panel

TWOPAGES Tall Flame Retardant Divider Curtains. - These curtains run along a ceiling track to create a room divider. These regal flame retardant curtains are 5 feet wide by 7 feet tall. Heavyweight ceiling track kit systems are available for purchase. Extra size curtains can be custom-made to suit your space.

Consider using panels with sheers at the top 1/4th. The lower section of regular material provides privacy. Regal flame retardant curtains are the perfect choice for room dividers. They can hide unsightly storage areas.

5. Using Sheers with Regular Curtain Panels

Regular Curtain Panels

Combining sheers with regular curtains can bring a unique layered look to your windows treatment. This can be done in two ways, as follows.

5a. Using Sheers Under Regular Curtain Panels

Dress up your window with white sheers under colored curtains. This gives your window area a layered look. This brings an elegant look to your windows and your room.

There are two ways to give a layered look to your arrangement. When using one rod and installing the sheers in the center and the regular curtains on each outside edge. Or you can use two curtain rods, one further out from the wall. Hang your sheers on the inner rod. Then hang your regular curtains on the outside rod. This method will allow you to close the standard curtains completely.

Twopage curtains Heavyweight Blackout Pinch Pleat Brikin Velvet Curtains. - These curtains in Violet stand out against the white sheers under neigh. These curtains are Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Curtains. They are extra-long 120" ready-made Loft Curtains.

These Heavyweight Blackout Curtains provide extra room darkening and save energy. Brikin Velvet Curtains' unique design provides privacy and acts as a noise buffer.

They are made of premium velvet material with a soft plush pile that gives a luxurious look to your home. Its natural luster and depth of color create a formal atmosphere. They are easy to care for, being machine washable.

You can get these specially made to suit your home and your individual needs. They come in white and other colors as well.

5b. Using Sheers Over Regular Curtains

TWOPAGES Double Layers Mix and Match. - These panels combine sheer tulle over the top of turquoise blackout curtains. Ready-made polyester with bronze grommet headers. Double layers provide better shade and protection from the sun.

This unique design with the white sheer over a solid color curtain adds a dreamy romantic feel to your home. Blend them easily with your existing decor. Tying the sheers in the middle of each panel allows the solid curtain to show through. It adds even more variety to the look of your windows. 

6. Layering Sheers over Sheers for an Airy Feel


Get a layered look by hanging grey sheer curtains on the outside with pure while sheer panels in the middle. The sheer voile curtain panels give the room an airy, fresh feel.

sheer curtains

The combination of grey with pure white brings a modern elegance to your windows. This setup can easily match your decor and act as a backdrop to any color in your room.


Mix different colored sheer window panels to create your own style. You will find you have a unique design no one else has. Choose from bright, vivid shades and mix with lighter colors. This will give an exciting look that makes your home stand out.

These polyester panels are easy to care for since they are machine washable and tumble dry. Press out any residual wrinkles with a light iron setting.

An exciting contract is made with this combination of beige sheers under neigh and dark brown on top. Add flair to any window arrangement by using a sheer panel as a valance over the top.

7. Increase Privacy with Semi-Sheer Panels

TWOPAGES Semi Sheer Tulle Curtains. - Semi-sheer tulle panels add more privacy than sheers. They give a smooth, softly comfortable feel to your home. Increase the romantic feel and add drama by allowing these panels to puddle on the floor.

Semi-sheer tulle panels can make your windows look taller when they end at or just above the floor. This style also gives your space a tailored look.

If you want a fuller look, add an extra 25% [64" + 16" = 80" x 1.25 = 100"]. Or you can make it even fuller with more folds. To measure the length, measure from the top of the rod to where you want your curtains to end.

Made of durable polyester and nylon material, they will last for years to come. They are machine washable, tumble dry on low. They can bring a light, fresh feel to your outdoors as well as inside. These make great outdoor curtains. Use on the front porch, cabana, or gazebo. They work great in beach homes as well. These sheers can be used on your covered patio to bring a sense of wonder to your windows treatment. 

8. Use Sheers with Roman Shades for a Romantic Vibe

Twopage Liz Linen Roman Shade - These shades can be customized to fit your window. Each roman shade adds beauty and functionality to your windows treatment. They transform the look and feel of your room. These roman shades come in a wide choice of colors and patterns to complement your home.

Roman Shade

Roman shades are suitable for small windows. They add a classic, sophisticated vibe to your windows cover. They can easily blend with your current decor. Increase the elegance of your roman shades windows cover by adding sheers. This not only results in a layered look but one of sophisticated elegance.

Shades are made of durable, high-quality polyester linen fabric. They are washable; remove the headrail and rod.

Inside Mounted: Measure the inside width and height of your window. Subtract 3/8" from the window’s width. This will ensure a proper fit inside the window frame. Shade height should be the same as the window’s height. Inside mounted shades need at least 2" on the sides of the window the hardware to be installed. Ensure you have enough window depth, at least 2 inches.

Outside Mounted: Measure the width and height of the window’s frame. Add 3" - 6" to the width. Add 8-10 inches to the window’s height. The shade size should be the same or slightly smaller than the window’s size to install on the window frame.

9. Using a Sheer Panel as a Scarf Valance

Sheer Panel

Sheer panels can be used as a scarf over your window treatment. Order those with rod pocket headers for the best results when using them this way. There are several ways you can display these as a scarf. They can be looped over the top rails in the following ways.

Loop over each rail end with a long folded drape in the middle, similar to a valance. The picture of the brown and beige sheers above demonstrate this look.

Loop over each end and a loop in the middle of the rail. This style is often offset, with one side hanging shorter than the other.

Loop over the rail several times evenly spaced to give a long series of loops.

Wide Array of Options Using Sheers

beatuiful sheers

By using sheers in many various ways and colors, you can bring different looks to your window cover. An array of looks like: classic, contemporary, or traditional.

You can choose colors, fabrics, patterns to create exquisite looks.  Sheer voile curtains capture light and bring an airy feel to your home. They bring elegance all on their own or combine with other windows treatment.

Sheers bring a soft, fresh new look to your home. They can enhance any decor or stand alone as a significant statement. Make your home stand out by creating your own signature look. Try combining colors, textures, and fabrics.

Use sheers to decorate your next party or event. TWOPAGES sheers can be custom-made to fit any venue you need. Contact TWOPAGES Curtains today to start decorating for your next project or event.

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